Fountain Trails

The diversity of landscape in Vandellòs and L’Hospitalet de l’Infant offers an ample variety of options to discover and enjoy its natural environment.

One interesting option involves the several routes that take visitors to the over fifty fountains scattered throughout the municipality, whether on foot or by mountain bike.

Trails and fonts (fountains):

  • Remullà and Vidriers: Font de la Murta, Font de Dalt, Font de l’Aigua Calenta, Font del Pau Café, Font de Remullà, Font de la Prunera and Font de la Gornata, among others.
  • Masriudoms and les Obagues de l’Irla: Font de la Lleriola. Fonts de Ca la Laura, Font del Bosc, Font de l’Irla and Font de Llèria.
  • Masboquera and Castelló: Font de Verdura, Font de la Serrana, Font de Castelló, Fonteta de Masboquera and Font de Canyotell.
  • Vandellòs and els Taixos: Font de la Canaleta, la Font de les Basses, la Font de Casseà, la Font del Taix and el Salt d’en Carles.
  • Fatxes, Genessies and Gavadà: Font de Solsides, Font del Tormo, Font de la Moixera, Pou de Cal Gravat and Font de Gavadà
  • L’Hospitalet and l’Aigualcoll: Font i barranc de l’Aiguacoll fountain and ravine.


For more information, consult the guidebook: Guia de les fonts del terme de Vandellòs i l’Hospitalet de l’Infant by Teo Castillo and Josep Maria Llorach, 2007.


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Please be respectful with nature.






Not accessible for individuals with reduced mobility.


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