The point of the Llastres River

The Llastres river has its source at the Coll de Fatxes and empties into the Mediterranean Sea. It has been identified as the Oleum River cited in Roman times. The mouth of this river was frequently used as a natural port in both Greek and Roman times, a bridge allowed the Via Augusta to continue its path and its course defined the natural path between the Mediterranean Sea and the Ebro valley. It was a centre for communication and commerce and it was most likely in this area where, during Roman times, the Oleastrum mansion was constructed as lodging to spend the night along the road that connects Rome and Cádiz.

It is currently a wetland with autochthonous species like the Spanish toothcarp, or flora made up of specimens of reed, bulrush, pine and tamarisk, and is ideal for a relaxing stroll.

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Low difficulty trails and gangways. Be sure to wear adequate footwear and sunscreen. Please be respectful toward nature and street furniture.

Ways and paths of low difficulty.

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