The mountains of Tivissa-Vandellòs

The Mountains of Tivissa – Vandellòs make up a group of mountain ranges in the pre-coastal range of both municipalities, with aggressive forms, irregular topography and calcareous in nature. The Santa Marina range (Mola de Remullà) borders the Pratdip depression in the south, while the Dedalts de Vandellòs (El Puntaire) continue to the west and the La Batalla range, toward the neighbouring county of La Ribera d’Ebre, and to the east they sink below the surface of the sea, near Coll de Balaguer, close to the border with Baix Camp.

The rocky environment clearly defines the landscape and the complex terrain is home to diverse and surprising natural surroundings. There are areas covered by regional bush and scrub, with a significant amount of white pine and, to a lesser degree, holm oaks. There are birds of prey like the Bonelli’s eagle, as well as substantial fauna associated with the understory, like the wild boar, European badger, fox, red-legged partridge or rabbit.

The environmental diversity and rich flora and fauna provide these mountain ranges with remarkable natural heritage assets that are recognized in the Catalonian Plan for Areas of Natural Interest.

An excellent network of routes and trails cross the territory, allowing for exploration and discovery both on foot as well as by mountain bike.


01link Hiking trails Vandellos – L’Hospitalet de l’Infant

01link  Hiking trails Vandellos

01link  Hiking trails L’Hospitalet de l’Infant

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