The Masies (country villas)

In medieval times, populations developed in inland areas, with clusters of villages and masies emerging in valleys and on hillsides, as were Vandellòs, Masboquera, Masriudoms, Fatxes, Gavadà, Castelló, Remullà and Masvalentí.

There is documentary proof of Castelló, Gavadà and Remullà from the 13th century, and somewhat later, of Fatxes and Masvalentí. In any case, it is difficult to determine their exact beginnings, as there were previous settlements of Saracens and Moriscos.


Masia de Castelló

Castelló is a small village of medieval origins located in the Vall de Llors valley that was depopulated in the 1950s. Currently, several of its houses are in phases of rebuilding or restoration thanks to the initiative of the Associació Masia de Castelló.

However, the tranquillity of the village is interrupted at least twice a year. Wintertime sees the celebration of the Pessebre dels Estels (Nativity Scene of the Stars), dotted with typical scenes of traditional rural professions: foundry, threshing, the construction of a coalbunker, etc. In summer, the Rústik Festa festival is an event that combines a wonderful variety of festive activities for one and all.

Both visits come highly recommended!.

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