The fortifications of the Civil War at Coll de Balaguer

The orographic and strategic location of the Coll de Balaguer, rising from the very coastline, is irrefutable. Access is extremely difficult, making it the ideal location for coastal control and surveillance. During the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) it played a crucial role as a defensive position for the Republicans against air and naval attacks from the coast, as well as to control the access point to the Camp de Tarragona region against the Nationalist army.

It makes up a military defence system, spread across an extensive area of the mountain pass. Trenches, machine-gun nests, ammunition dumps and shelters blend into the rugged terrain.

A guided tour makes for a truly memorable experience!


El Polvorí del Pla de l’Albercoquer, or the Polvorí de Letícia ammunition dump

This is the starting point for visits to the wartime heritage site that stands at Coll de Balaguer. This structure was originally designed to store munitions and weapons for the rearguard of the fortifications so as to supply provisions to the defensive lines, especially in the trenches and the machine-gun nests.

The visit allows access to the structure’s interior and has an outdoor educational area and instructional materials for school visits.

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Tel: 977822122


Guided tours are available during the summer high season.

The starting point is the Visitors Centre of the Hospital del Coll de Balaguer.

Plaça del Pou, 11 · 4389 L’Hospitalet de l’Infant

Low to medium difficulty trail. Be sure to wear adequate footwear and sunscreen. Please be respectful toward nature and cultural heritage.

Catalan and Spanish.

Not accessible for individuals with reduced mobility.

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