El Cavallet de Mar / The Seahorse


The seahorse seen on the cover of the programmes for the festival programme has been the logo for the Aplec de Sardanes seaside circle dance festival in L’Hospitalet de l’Infant for several years. The illustration was provided by local artist F. Andreu.

In reference to this illustration used for the Sardana dance festival, for the symbol of a Mediterranean coastal village like L’Hospitalet, with its historic fishing community, we chose the figure of a seahorse to develop a proposal of a merry dragon. The design of the mock-up was executed as a combined effort between the sculptor Marcel Socias (who created the town gegants) and the entity Foment Cultural.

A wonderful piece that brings a tiny fish into the world of the Beasts of Fire and Festivities, which is beyond a doubt both highly original and characteristic of our town.


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