The International Guitar Festival L’Hospitalet de l’Infant 2018, which will be held from July 25 to 29, will be dedicated to chamber music. The sound of the guitar will be accompanied in this second edition by the sound of other instruments, such as viola, violin, flute and voice. And last year, the event will feature the participation of internationally renowned interpreters and winners, winners of numerous prizes. Among these will be, for example, the Cuban Leo Brouwer, composer, orchestral conductor, guitarist, researcher, pedagogue and cultural promoter, who is a member of the Honor of the International Music Council of UNESCO and is among the most renowned musicians of the moment; and also the American Hopkinson Smith, an outstanding personality in the field of ancient music and one of the best lycheists in the world.

Other prominent figures will be the Ditirambo Duo (formed by Segovia’s violinist Noelia Gómez and the Mexican guitarist Alfonso Aguirre), the duo of the Norwegians Henning Kraggerud and Petter Richter and the Catalans Carles Trepat and Anabel Montesinos. These last two will be in charge of the closing concert, together with the Kammart Orchestra, directed by Àlex Sansó. Those attending this event on July 29 will be able to listen to Fantasia Catalana, a tribute to Enric Granados from the composer Carles Trepat, “based on Catalan folk songs and pieces by Granados himself”, as the author explained on Monday, June 18, at the festival presentation; and the Concierto de Aranjuez, the famous musical composition for guitar and orchestra by the composer Joaquín Rodrigo.

During the five days of the festival, at the facilities of the Cultural Center Infant Pere, there will be a total of four concerts in the Hospitalet de l’Infant and “La nit dels artistes de la terra” with the Duo Becerra, Duo Ribera Sabat, Patricia de No and Manel Sánchez, Sadahiro Otani and Kimiyo Nakako as guests; three lectures, five instrument exhibitions and four master classes (that of the Duo Ditirambo is aimed at students of elementary and intermediate level, and the rest, that is, that of Hopkinson Smith, that of Carles Trepat and that of the Cuban Marco Tamayo , to upper grade students).

This event is organized by the Council of Culture of the City Council of Vandellòs and Hospitalet de l’Infant, under the artistic direction of Anders Clemens and the general coordination of Patricia Mercado. It is the only festival dedicated to the guitar that takes place in the counties of Tarragona, with which the City Council intends to turn Hospitalet de l’Infant into “a cultural center, a benchmark in the world of music”, according to said the mayor, Alfons Garcia. For this reason, Carles Trepat thanked the Council for its commitment to this type of event: “The organization of this festival is a very important initiative, because there is no guitar festival of these characteristics in Catalonia, at the summer”.

In the words of the Councilor for Culture, Núria Ortiz, “is a luxury available to everyone, because the scheduled events are of great quality and both the concerts and master classes have very affordable prices.” On the webpage the registration for the master classes is now open and the tickets for concerts will soon be on sale. The price of the advance ticket to each concert will be 10 euros; and 12 euros at the box office.


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