25-06-2018 // 19.30 h // CASA DE CULTURA BLANCA D’ANJOU – SALA FERRER MALET // L’Hospitalet de l’Infant // Organized by: Campus Extens URV and CELHI // Duration: 90 ‘ // Language: catalan // Recommended age : All audiences // Price: free.

The closing of the 4th Maritime Conference will focus on Rut Geli Mauri, under the title: “Underwater Patrimony at Baix Camp. Archaeological letter and written sources. ”

Rut Geli is an archeologist at the Subaquatic Archeology Center of Catalonia (CASC). He has co-directed the excavations of the Deltebre I and Cala Cativa I wrecks and has participated in various research projects. He has numerous publications and coordinated exhibitions on the excavations of the wreckage (remains of a ship wrecked or of what he contained).


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