4-06-2018 // 19.30 h // CASA DE CULTURA BLANCA D’ANJOU – SALA FERRER MALET // L’Hospitalet de l’Infant // Organized by: Campus Extens URV i CELHI // Duration: 60′ // Recommended ages: All public // Language: catalan // Price: free.


Today, Monday June 4th, we will have the first talk of the IV Maritime Conference organized by the Campus Extens of the Rovira i Virgili University – URV of VandellòsilHospitaletdelInfnat and the CELHI.

There will be four talks, one every Monday in June.

The first speaker will be Dr. Jordi Diloli Fons, professor of ancient history and archeology at the URV, belonging to the interinstitutional research group in classical archeology URV-ICAC-UAB. Today’s talk will take place by title: From the Phoenicians to the Romans. Commerce and war on the south-Catalan coast with the sea as the protagonist.



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